Need shipping to Russian Federation? Boxberry!

Our offices are open in more than 250 cities: from Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and from Murmansk to Pyatigorsk. Boxberry high quality delivery service is the result of perfect logistics and vast experience of work with the “last mile”. Shipping to Russian Federation - is our business!

Great shipping service for your Russian customers

Great shipping service for your Russian customers

  • 2 types of delivery: “door to door” courier delivery, or Boxberry pick-up points
  • Standard delivery time to customers in Russian Federation: 6-7 days
  • Arrival notification by phone / sms / e-mail
  • Personal account for tracking number and keeping all personal data

Shipping to Russian Federation with tracking

Shipping to Russia with tracking number

  • Automated data exchange without any additional staff
  • Monitor tracking status and compliance delivery periods
  • Calculation delivery costs and optimization logistics costs
  • Help with the set up and support services from the Boxberry team members

We can offer a complete spectrum of shipping services for online business: from collecting orders at your warehouse to handing them to the final recipient at the Boxberry parcel office or “door to door” delivery by our courier service. Our reasonable tariffs and wide geographical presence is highly appreciated by many international online retailers.

Shipping to Russia from USA: Costs & Prices

Let us compare our mailing and shipping prices with the most popular postal system in USA - USPS. We deliver 2,2 lbs package from USA to Russian Federation for just $8,55. Compare with $33.95 for the First-Class Package International Service™. Some other Boxberry rates:

kg lb Rate, $
1 2,2 8,55
2 4,4 15,13
3 6,6 21,7
4 8,8 28,27
5 11,02 34,84
6 13,2 41,41
7 15,4 47,98
8 17,6 54,56
9 19,8 61,13
10 22,04 67,7

We cooperate with online retailers and agents all around the world and deliver regularly into Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan by land, sea and by air. Depends on volume, we can provide a very reasonable discount system, from 5% off.

Boxberry is a predictable delivery service to Russian Federation from USA, UK, Germany and other countries around the world.

Shipping to Russia: what else you need to know

  • Low prices, lower then USPS, what will allow for to provide low coast or free shipping, what will increase your sales volume;
  • Strict deadlines, 6 day to Moscow already included customs clearance, export declaration, distribution in Amsterdam by counties, distribution in country receiver, separating by cities.
  • Courier delivery all around Russian Federation, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
  • Wide geography of parcel offices. Over 600 among Russia, by the summer 2016 – 1000. Ukraine – around 1000.
  • No lost packages in 99,8%. If it’s happened we have an insurance, which will refund you money.
  • No changes in a rush reason, we have perfectly running logistics system, we handling a huge volume of parcels per day.
  • 14 days storage at parcel office, what will help customers plan theirs time
  • We work with dangerous goods, we do all paper work for this products.

Ship your packages to Russia with us!

Quality of our service already appreciated by iHerb, Shipito, Adidas, Reebok, MyToys (OTTO Group),, Top-Shop, Wikimart, Proskater and over 1000 Russian and International online stores.

Over hundred thousand Russian customers trust to deliver their purchases by Boxberry. Just let us know and we'll deliver!


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