What is received in pickup points?

Respondents of the survey organized by Data Insight were asked to describe features of their latest parcel received in the pickup point:
They are:
  • cost, 
  • kind of the purchase,
  • period of expectance, 
  • size.
These parameters allow to depict “the portrait "of the purchase that is commonly picked up from the parcel office.
Two thirds of purchases are cheap, only 16% of respondents noted the high cost of the purchase.
Three quarters of shipments are described by customers as standard. Unique are only 15%.
More than a half of the orders (55%) were urgent, whereas a quarter of the buyers were ready to wait.
The overwhelming majority of parcels are small - size. Only 10% are marked as bulky. Young people (18-24 years) use the words "expensive", "urgent", "unique" more often than other age categories.
It is to be noted that the share of such purchases decrease with raising of respondents` age.

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