The terminal removal


  For attention of those who organize shipping to Russian Federation from abroad.

In early November, "Moscow Sheremetyevo" Boxberry terminal will change the location.  Starting from November, the 4th, cargoes will be accepted 24/7 at the new address: Kommunalny Proyezd, possession 30A, building 1, Moscow region, Khimki, 141401.

 The terminal removal has been planned in order to improve the customer service and optimize the transport operation.

Read the detailed scheme of the journey to the terminal.

1. Drive for 2.4 km along the Leningradskoye highway in the direction of Moscow region from Moscow Automobile Ring Road to the turn to Repin Street

You need to drive 600 m along Repin Street to the traffic light, then turn left, to Municipal Passage.

3.  900 m further, in front of the building number 30, turn left. Then move straight ahead, to the gray warehouse complex.

Пожалуйста, подождите, идет процесс оформления экспресс-накладной.