Values, goals, principles

We aspire to make it possible for the citizens of Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine to receive their orders from online stores quickly, conveniently and at a good price.

We are working in order to shorten the distances between people by means of decreasing delivery time for parcels and simplifying sending and receiving process.

Our greatest values

Time is the most expensive and the only irretrievable resource. We respect our clients’ personal time and make everything possible to ensure the parcel is delivered in the specified time and the recepients and senders spend as little time as possible waiting in our parcel offices.

Honesty is the direct consequence of the respect for our customers. We do not declare obviously unrealizable delivery time in order to attract more and more clients. We state actual terms thoroughly estimated by our experts.

Reliability is a compulsory condition of work. We monitor at any level the fulfillment of all the instructions by our staff so as to exclude any loss or damage. Giving us your parcel you can be sure that it will be delivered safely.

Attention is needed to ensure high level of service. We listen to our clients and do our best to offer all the services they need. Our task is to provide the comfort we would want to feel when sending or receiving parcels ourselves.

Our conception

The goal of Boxberry is to create an optimal delivery solution in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan for the maximum of senders and recepients in these countries, to offer value for money, to provide affordable high-quality delivery service for online stores all around the world.

Ever-growing number of our clients proves that we are on the right track!  

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