Why do recipients choose pickup points?

The research published by Data Insight, established investigative agency, highlighted the role of pickup points for customers to receive their orders from online stores.
The report says the main reasons for choosing this method of delivery are emotional comfort of receiving the order and low cost. Among other things crucial arguments are called convenience of
location, open hours and availability of additional options (including acquiring).
Respondents of the survey have been asked why they choose pickup point rather than a different form of the order receiving. One of responses is "convenience of the place", consequently they have been asked to clarify what it means to them.
First and foremost for users convenience of the pickup point is location (close to home / office) - 64% mentioned that.
Almost 2 times less popular factor is working schedule of the point (37%). The third rank of popularity is shared by cost (lower than with other receiving methods), and hurry free process of pickup.
"No worries, you can receive and examine the purchase "(21% of recipients say). One fifth of respondents prefer pickup points because of the lower cost.

Boxberry Parcel Service offers more than 3000 parcel offices in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. All these points are bright and branded so they are easy to find.
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