Boxberry tells on air of Mediametrics about the challenges and points of growth in international development

In late June, Mikhail Konev, the director of Boxberry was a guest of the "Actual E-commerce", all-Russian radio program. Mikhail told how Boxberry developed its own services, what a deal to integrate with Axiomus courier service had given the company and also talked about international prospects. In particular, the topic of the company's cross-border activity was discussed.

The rapid growth of the international trend is caused by the demand for the goods of foreign online stores among Russian buyers. Moreover, the analytics shows the flow of orders to the CIS countries, in particular, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, periodically exceeds the flow from Russia.

Having started cooperation with online retailers in 2010, since 2017 the delivery service has set up Boxberry International as a separate business unit.

"We understand that success in the global market requires a more differentiated approach,"— comments Mikhail. — "The existing business processes have become a serious basis, but they also reveal what tools are to be improved for shipping to Russia, as a competitive logistic product for foreign online stores. These are development of legislative norms of other states, interaction with customs authorities and integration of appropriate software. "

To get a direct parcel flow from online stores in Europe, the United States and China on the right track, it is especially important to ensure the return process. "Having launched the service of free returns for ASOS, the leading UK retailer, in April 2017, we see its popularity and therefore the relevance. 12,000 parcels have been sent for 2 months. And secondly, we are forecasting store sales increase as the degree of loyalty is growing, "— comments Mikhail. Boxberry offers the opportunity to return goods from more than 1000 parcel offices throughout the country.

Bidding for leadership in the number of parcel offices, the company also aspires to develop courier delivery service. For this purpose, Axiomus courier company has been integrated. Their technologies, flexibility and extensive database will ensure a new cycle of Boxberry development as one of the leading delivery services in Russia.

"The goal of the amalgamation is to enhance expertise," explains Mikhail. "The quality of courier delivery is important in cooperation with online stores, since this type of delivery is more familiar for foreign retailers. So the requirements are high. "

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