Boxberry Parcel Service has joined ACEX Worldwide Logistics Alliance


   Boxberry has become the part of the ACEX logistics Alliance. Currently ACEX members and partners are more than 150 companies from Russia, the Baltics, CIS countries, as well as Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australia. This is The First Russian Worldwide Logistics Alliance to unite transport and forwarding companies from more than 200 countries. The organization aims to expand the Russian logistics market and attract new players, including international ones. In addition, Alliance members can expect for help and support in the international business development cooperation.

Boxberry is the first logistics company representing the e-commerce sphere in the Alliance. The delivery service supports ACEX initiatives to establish mutually beneficial cooperation with overseas partners and set up a global system of freight deliveries.

"For Boxberry, participation in the Alliance means a willingness to offer its support in the Russian logistics market to domestic and foreign members of ACEX," - says Marat Artuganov, CEO of Boxberry International. - In addition, we are looking to find new partners and enhance Boxberry's performance in the American, European and Asian markets. This will enable us to optimize the logistics processes and make our delivery service even more convenient for customers".

Boxberry has been engaged in international delivery of goods since 2010. Now the company delivers goods of domestic, American and European stores to the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Own sorting hubs in the US, UK, Netherlands and Russia allow to minimize the shipments processing time, to provide regular dispatch of goods to Russia and ensure international delivery of goods to Moscow in 5-7 days.

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