Changes in the customs clearance procedure


The Russian customs authorities announced the entry into force of the Federal Customs Service order No. 1861 "On the use of documents containing information necessary for the release of goods for personal use as a passenger customs declaration " from 24.11.2017 (can be found on Boxberry website).

Starting from 07.12.2017 goods for personal use will be released if additional information is provided:

·         Taxpayer Identification Number of the recipient (only for individuals, citizens of the Russian Federation),

·         An Internet link to the purchased goods (for each item in the package).

Without these data, the customs clearance of orders will be impossible, and the parcel will be returned to the sender.

These rules will be applied to shipments that will arrive at customs starting from 07.12.2017.

We ask recipients to provide the information for customs clearance timely and in full volume.

A Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) can be found on the Federal Tax Service website.

By December 1, a new field for entering the TIN will appear in the recipient’s personal account on Boxberry website. The data can be transferred via this function.

Recipients can get advice on customs clearance issues via Boxberry hotline 8-800-222-80-00 (24 /7, free of charge) or via online support.

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