Parcels from abroad – so easy with Boxberry!
Parcels from abroad – so easy with Boxberry!

International Delivery

Boxberry is an optimal delivery solution

BoxberryGlobal.jpgBoxberry is a delivery service for the online stores throughout the world. We work in all federal districts of Russia: from Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and from Murmansk to Pyatigorsk. Boxberry parcel offices are open in more than 380 cities. Well-organized logistics and extensive working experience with different delivering options including “final mile”  allow us to provide high-quality delivery service.

Delivery for online stores

1000 отделениеWe deliver for online stores: the whole range of services from pick-up and drop-off  to handing over to the ultimate recipient. Apart from delivering to the Boxberry parcel office, our customers can choose the courier delivery service. Reasonable rates and truly wide geography attract a large number of global ecommerce retailers.

Boxberry branded parcel offices are easy to find, they render a high level of service and multiple additional services; parcels can be received extremely fast – we value the time of our customers.

International delivery

безопасный-платеж.jpgIn addition to delivering throughout Russia, we deliver orders internationally from the online stores to the ultimate recipient. We work with online stores all over the world and deliver orders as quickly as possible: we ship weekly by air from the USA and Europe to Russia.

Boxberry offers attractive rates to foreign online stores with high level service guaranty. This considerable competitive advantage increases sales volume significantly in short terms.

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