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Quick and easy delivery with Boxberry

Every year more and more long-distance trade companies start working with Boxberry delivery service for online stores. More and more customers of both Russian and foreign online sellers entrust us with delivery of their orders. This is quite predictable, since Boxberry strictly complies with the timelines and offers maximum convenience for the recipient.

Controlling delivery status

Choosing Boxberry as your delivery service you get full control of your shipment. The status can be monitored on our website.

  Moreover, the information about the location of the orders can be checked in the Boxberry Call-center by telephone number 8-800-222-80-00.

Notification system

Boxberry always notifies the recipient about the arrival of the goods in the regional parcel office. Depending on the method of notification chosen by the online store, you receive either an SMS and/or e-mail notification. It is possible to be notified by phone by an operator of our Call-center.

Parcel offices

It is easy to find Boxberry! No matter where you live, you do not have to go around warehouses in industrial areas.

Boxberry parcel offices are located in densely populated districts next to big road junctions and shopping malls. Our offices are always branded, they are easy to find.

You can get your order at any convenient time during 14 days (in some cases up to 30 days). Storage within this period is free of charge.

Quick service in our parcel offices helps you avoid queues. You will not have to fill in any extra forms, so you get your parcel as soon as possible.

International delivery

Delivery from foreign online stores is called “express-cargo” and has to meet the requirements of the Customs Code of the Customs Union.

The express-cargo is limited in terms of value and weight: it should not exceed 500 Euro and 31 kg per month. In this case the shipment is exempt from customs duties and VAT.

The customs duty for exceeding the value is calculated in accordance with the following formula:

30% of the amount exceeding the limit + 10% of the resulting amount.

For example: your order is 1300 Euro, the duty is 99 Euro.

300 х 30 % = 90 Euro + 90 Euro х 10% = 99 Euro

The customs duty for exceeding weight is calculated in accordance with the following formula:

4 Euro per 1 kg of excess +10% of the resulting amount.

For example: the weight is 34 kg, the duty 13,2 Euro.

3х4 = 12 Euro + 12 Euro x10% = 13,2 Euro

Normally the duties are calculated by the online store and included in the invoice.

Boxberry works with electronic trading platforms all over the world. Owing to our thorough adjusted logistic and transportation systems you receive your order within the shortest possible time frame.

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