One of the biggest Russian shipping companies


 A leader in logistics of Russian Federation is supposed to be ever-evolving.

Boxberry shipping company expands its network regularly. Number of parcel offices is growing inevitably which is showcased below.

That is a valuable point for those who shop online and particularly true in the Russian Federation where distance matters. As for those who sell internationally, that is important when looking for a big shipping partner.

Quantity and Quality
Boxberry covers 4 countries, unites multiple businesses and attracts millions of online buyers in the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine. That is not the endpoint. That means over 320 000 buyers per month use our services and study the list of stores-partners. We are ready to share this potential and offer all the advantages of working with us.
The biggest number of 3000 parcel offices is always close to a house, an office or a class of a customer. They are all brightly branded and easy-to-find. Inspiring international shopping from the online store and customer-oriented shipping from Boxberry are the best selection of services for a savvy buyer.

More opportunities for our partners
The other point is cheap shipping rates. The price list of shipping to Russia and other countries is available by request. Moreover, delivering big volumes by Boxberry gets a 5% discount. Costs are always flexible and reasonable. That is what the big shipping company can afford.
One more point to our advantage is strict deadlines. To get a parcel at the right time at the right place is not luxury; it is the reality by Boxberry.

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