Shipping to Russian Federation from the USA

More and more Russian citizens purchase from US online stores. So do consumers from Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine. They are countries of Boxberry coverage. That gives us a competitive advantage as a crossborder logistic provider for businesses in the USA. We offer seamless shipping from the USA at very reasonable rates. They depend on the weight, the price of shipped goods and are possible to be calculated online.
Undoubtedly, our shipping rates to Russia differ a lot from those of American delivery suppliers as USPS, for instance. To be more persuasive, let us look at a parcel of 1 kg (2.2lb) coming from the USA to Moscow in Russia. The important thing is how we get your shipment. If you bring goods to Boxberry warehouse yourselves, the shipping rate is $8.55. Delivering this parcel by USPS will cost you $35.25.
So shipping to Russian Federation from the US by Boxberry is reliable and beneficial.

What else?

Online stores that work internationally choose Boxberry for many reasons:

• A full-pack of services for recipients
• Personal manager is provided
• Promotion and advertising support
• User-friendly services of data exchange
Moreover, Boxberry parcel service considers conditions of cooperation for every partner individually and offers flexible and unique advantages.

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