International shipping features

International shipping features

The expert shipping company is a must-have partner for an online seller, particularly going international.

Working globally requires accurate organization and helpful team to support at every little stage. Online stores look for a reliable delivery provider to get their goods shipped to the place of destination. Whatever a distance between a seller and a customer, Boxberry parcel service is always a bridge to help them meet.

• To Russia with love by Boxberry

We offer all kinds of international shipping to Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine. We do our best to arrange optimal solutions for the most challenging shipping needs. Fast and easy-to-control delivery expands your customers` basket size and grows the loyalty. They feel care of their busy lifestyles and go on doing shopping.

• Sincerely your carrier

International shopping seems as exciting as hectic. Shipping to a different country is a surefire way for global growth. However, there are a lot of details to take care of. In this very case, Boxberry assumes responsibility for such relevant things as customs clearing, shipment insurance and marketing promotion. That is the point!

• Key to success

For Boxberry partnership comprises not just providing international shipping services, but being a part of global expansion of an online store.

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