Russian shipping tracking


Personalization of all data concerning shipments, addresses and names is valuable for people using your service. Feeling of safety and privacy keep them loyal to the company that enables such comfort.

Shipping tracking is in a great demand between numerous addressees in Russia. In a country as large as it is, covering huge distances just quickly is a big merit already. Among other advantages are low shipping rates and convenience of receiving.

All that is about Boxberry Parcel Service.

The shipping provider attributes unique number to every parcel after the online store passes the orders to Boxberry carrier. It serves as ID and can be used to track the journey of shipments. If the parcel is travelling from abroad to Russia, tracking helps a lot follow the delivery schedule and be sure of its arrival to the client`s door.

To check out the shipping terms, the tracking number should be entered on the site or accurately in the personal account of the recipient.

As for an online store, all orders numbers, dates and other important details are stored in their separate personal accounts too. The good thing is everything you need to know is saved in one place. Both sellers and buyers will find necessary information on the website.

Every one of more than 2000 Boxberry partners use this option regularly.

Want to join them and test Russian shipping tracking?

Fill in a contact form and have recommendations to start with from your personal manager. You will be given a key to your account and go ahead!

Have a good journey in Boxberry team!


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