Shipping goods to Russia tips


International business means awareness of features and laws of a foreign market. Purchasing behavior of online customers has also a great impact on the profit the business makes. If keeping this in mind, the online store will anticipate its success.

Apart from the website that has to be well-designed and prices attractive, method of delivery products to customers is the thing highly important.

Taking into consideration 2 main shipping options customers in Russia choose, Boxberry International Parcel Service offers the widest selection of parcel offices and courier delivery.

Choose a reliable logistic provider.

3000 parcel offices in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine;

2000 online partners;

220 cities for courier delivery;

7-day-delivery to Moscow, Astana, Minsk and Kiev;

Your business can easily reach out more customers in 4 countries.

Just fill in a contact form to learn more.

Offer convenient receiving of the products to increase loyalty and emphasize your care of buyers.

Pick-up near home or office;

No queues;

No extra papers;

Just a passport needed.

Make your assortment more visible to customers.

Boxberry provides own promotional tools for that.

The website with 600 000 visitors a month;

Social pages popular in Russia;

Email notifications with a partner`s banners.

Thousands of Russians receive their parcels every month. They track their shipments on the website, they find the nearest parcel office and get emails about parcel arrival.

Benefit from Boxberry offer and expand your business geography!

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