Shipping commercial goods to Russia is easy


To start an online business is a mainstream for first-time entrepreneurs. Selling commercial goods on the Internet includes a lot of options to consider.

If the website interface is designed in high quality and the presentation of assortment is smart, it is time to think over the pricing. Not a secret, rates of the online store is the initial thing the shopper pays the attention to. So they must be advantegeous.

Apart from the goods themselves, online store charges customers with cost of delivery. This point is able both to encourage for further shopping and push away at all.

What does the shipping cost comprise?

Shipping commercial goods to Russia from other countries demands seamless logistic process, reasonable rates and choice of receiving methods for customers.

When the shipping provider supports the great experience the buyer gets from shopping in a specific store, that promises their return.

  • Delivery from the USA or UK to Moscow parcel office takes about 7 days;

  • More than 3000 parcel offices in 4 countries;

  • Courier delivery;

  • Flat rates allow you offering free delivery to the customers;

Boxberry Parcel Service ensures transportation of any volumes of commercial goods to Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Parcels are received in our warehouses or picked up from seller`s one. That affects the shipping rates for online stores.

Do you sell big volumes? Are you increasing sales of commercial goods abroad? Are you looking where to start the online trade with Russia and countries of Eastern Europe?

Fill in a contact form and get help of the personal manager in shipping commercial goods to Russia.

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