Stand out with Russian shipping of your goods


If you provide unique selection of goods, if your rates are really competitive and you can praise yourself of high level of your customers` satisfaction, think of driving more traffic to your website or an online store.

Whatever the country you sell in, the rest of the world looks forward to possessing new things from your store.

Create a new trend in global consumption with your offers. Help foreign e-shoppers form a respectful image of your company inside their minds.

Start with service you can provide to customers from other countries. If they want to buy your goods, they also need a service to have their purchases delivered to their hands. As simplest set of actions as possible is click and receive.

One of largest Russian shipping providers is Boxberry Parcel Service. This is reliable and fast service of delivery from online stores of the USA and Europe to customers in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine.

Add an option of International Delivery to your website and let visitors feel comfortable when ordering. Millions of buyers trust the seller that works globally. If they see Russian shipping available, they forget the fear of purchase.

It is easy to join Boxberry Parcel Service.

  • Simple integration.

  • Data exchange via API or XML.

  • Online store personal account.

  • Shipment insurance.

  • Personal manager.

Fill in a contact form to get first instructions and further information about Russian shipping.

Boxberry does their best to make all services work for you. We take responsibility for custom clearing, compliance with delivery terms and reasonable rates for the partners.

Visit the website and use a contact form for the launch of cooperation.

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