Russia shipping consultant for ecommerce


When launching a startup or looking to develop existing business, entrepreneurs with all their courage and confidence would rather find a helping hand to avoid hidden threats. They often face big and small challenges in Terra incognita.

Should you lead your online business to a new country or to a different sphere, feel free to ask for support. As an online store owner, you will certainly benefit from the service of a shipping consultant.

Have you decided to start shipping of your goods to Russia? Russia shipping consultant will help!

How to make goods reach their buyers?

How much is shipping by a specialized logistic company?

What technical equipment is needed to automatize the process?

The questions are various and the answers are close.

After receiving your request to Boxberry, the personal Russia shipping consultant armed with all the data will contact you.

Boxberry Parcel Service offers a large fleet for shipping to Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Add to this:

  • 3000 offices in 3 countries provide services of pick-up, return and sending of parcels and documents for millions of recipients. They choose the most convenient one according their location.

  • Automated system of data exchange and integration of all Boxberry services to online store website.

  • Complete procedure of Russian customs clearing with guaranty of cargo safety.

  • Fast shipping as well as reliable. We do our best to meet deadlines and cover huge distances of Russia within reasonable terms.

  • Low rates of shipping

You do not need to be professional in logistics, Russia shipping consultant from Boxberry is here at your service.

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