Shipping with no problems to Russia


Have you ever had challenges with shipping ordered goods to a foreign customer? Problems with tracking, customs clearing or anything?

Explore the service that covers all the needs of your online store in purchases shipping. Boxberry Parcel Service is the right tool to connect customers and make them loyal.

Meet our partners and customers that found a happy shipping solution with no problems by Boxberry.

What do we provide to online stores?

  • Delivery at speed of express and cost of post carrier;

  • Full technical support and easy integration of software to track and control;

  • Smooth procedure of customs clearing;

  • Opportunity to return purchases through parcel offices;

  • One-month free promotional campaign via Boxberry tools.

  • Visibility for all Boxberry recipients;

  • Personal manager.

What do your customers get?

  • Pickup from the parcel office or receiving at home;

  • Low rates with no surprises;

  • Detailed tracking and notifications;

  • Safety of packages;

  • 24/7 customer service;

  • Successful shopping experience.

That is how we see shipping with no problems.

The list of advantages can be longer for those who will make the very first step and contact Boxberry manager. Fill in this form with your details or push the green button below.

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