Shipping direction USA – Russian Federation

Interested in delivering your goods to international buyers? Developing your business in the direction to the largest pool of potential customers?
Unique shipping opportunity and traffic driver is Boxberry Parcel Service. We ship goods of online retailers from all around the globe to Russian Federation, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Collaboration with Russian shipping provider enables increase of exposure in a different market for your business.
Let us go deeper into details.
Boxberry is a shipping company with 20-year history in transportation parcels between individuals and online stores. They are 2000+ at the moment that have entrusted their goods to be shipped by Boxberry.
The shipping direction USA – Russian Federation has turned to be the most popular among Russian customers as American stores attract by their wide and extraordinary selection as well as costs. Furthermore, Boxberry provides appropriate delivery rates and pickup comfort.
What is considered rather important for recipients, it is the choice of methods to get a parcel. On the stage of checkout the delivery methods vary between courier and a parcel office.
What is a Boxberry parcel office?
• One of 3000 the nearest to you pickup point;
• Brightly branded and eye-catching;
• 14-day-storage opportunity;
• Chance to change a parcel office for pickup on Boxberry website if needed;
• Drop-off possible for individual senders.

Should you have more interest in shipping direction USA – Russian Federation? Are there any questions left?
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