Require a dedicated partner for shipping goods from the USA or Europe to Russia?


 Looking to additional shipping care for your parcels?

Entrust Boxberry your precious cargos!

Boxberry Parcel Service is a reliable companion to your new geography. Millions of potential customers with high delivery expectations have the opportunity to receive their purchases from all over the world and just around the corner or at home.

  • Courier shipping service

Easy and scheduled pickup with flexible individual arrangements;

  • Parcel office

Queue-free, easy-to-find locations, wide-spread network of 1000+ in Russia and welcoming customer service.

Have you already been delivering to the countries of Eastern Europe? Diversify your shipping strategy with the largest regional carrier and save big. Boxberry offers affordable shipping rates to the most remote places of the country as large as Russia. Along with that your customers will benefit from low delivery cost of the purchase and high speed transporting. Offer your clients shipping by Boxberry and get surprised with the loyalty of your growing audience.

If you want to compete, choose a reliable shipper to the promising markets of Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. You are guaranteed the constant support of the personal manager and even not needed any high techs. Whatever shipping management system you have, you will be fast integrated with Boxberry via API and XML.

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