Trend upward with shipping from the United States to Russia


Looking to wider footprint for your ecommerce business based in the United States?

Increasing visibility means bigger pool of customers and sales growth, doesn’t it?

If so, consider the market that meets your high requirements best.

3 million population with growing shopping demands provides huge potential for online store. These are countries of Eastern Europe where Russia stands out. Long distances are not the matter of doubt. They empower online buyers to look forward to goods from faraway places. What is more, native shipper will solve easily the issues that seem challenging for a company from abroad.

To sum up, the entry to the new market needs deep research and reliable partner that knows the market better than anyone with all opportunities and bottlenecks.

Boxberry Parcel Service is a logistic giant from Russia with a widespread network of pickup points as well as courier staff.

We team up with 2000+ online stores, mail forwarders and consolidators from the United States and Europe to deliver shopping to Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. That is an important mission to connect sellers with their buyers for mutual profit.

What we provide:

  • Fast shipping;

  • Low rates;

  • Safe handling;

  • Easy integration;

  • Customs clearing;

  • Comfort of receiving.

We know Russian recipients` needs and tend to satisfy them for better assistance to Boxberry online partners.

Have you got special requirements? Do you sell any particular items?

Visit Boxberry website or fill in the form below for further communication.

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