From UK to Russian Federation shipping solution


It may seem like UK is far enough from Russian Federation both in distance and cultural features.

And if particular traditions, manners and habits reflect real authenticity of nation, the remoteness from Russia is just seeming.

Boxberry will help you see our closeness with your own eyes. That is the parcel that reaches its new owner as fast as possible. When the person in Moscow makes an order on the website of an English store, it takes about 7 days to ship the parcel to the pickup point the customer chose.

Boxberry offers drop off the shipments from online store facility or receiving in our warehouse in UK. Further shipping process is seamless and worry-free for both senders and recipients. Boxberry has 20-year experience in logistics and provides all services necessary for shipping from UK to Russian Federation.

We make customs clearing easy. What is better, we care of all shipments and guarantee their safety along the whole journey.

What do customers get from Boxberry?

  • Timely delivery;

  • Opportunity to choose pickup point on the website;

  • Tracking of the parcel;

  • Easy customs clearing if passport data provided;

  • Personal account with all orders saved;

  • Notifications about shipment arrival;

  • Courier delivery.

Do you need more arguments in favour of Boxberry reliable shipping from UK to Russian Federation? Visit our website to find all the answers or simply fill in the contact form below to get help of the manager.

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