Shipping industry in Russia is ever-evolving

If before online stores’ owners asked themselves whether they need to organize shipping of products, so now they are asking whom to entrust this service to.
Constant shipping of purchases to end customer requires the best ever solution to cover their every special need.
Numerous researches showcase the growing-up of Russian ecommerce market and the fact the business people realize the importance of logistics development. They admit that first of all logistics quality has a huge impact on sales volume and customers’ loyalty. Secondly, logistics at professional level has service quality growth and shipping cost decrease as consequences. Whereas that allows to focus on other business tasks.

What is the role of Boxberry parcel service in Russian shipping industry?

The company ranks #3 in the list of leaders with the biggest number of parcel offices after Svyaznoy and Evroset networks that actually don’t possess their own logistics.
Boxberry covers every big city of the country and regional network is developing gradually. Its high potential is highlighted by analysts and shouldn’t be underestimated.
More than 1200 parcel offices in Russia open access for online stores to millions of customers. Opportunity to get the parcel just a step away from home is one of Boxberry strengths. Comfort of receiving means high quality service and loyalty of customers.
Other vital needs for online business satisfied by Boxberry are:
High speed of shipping. E.g. 6-7 days – from the USA to Moscow parcel office
Low rates. Detailed price list can be requested from your personal manager.
• Fast and smooth processing of orders thanks to simple integration of systems. Via API or XML.
Alternative delivery methods. Pickup point or courier.
• Marketing support and promotion for partners. Russian Internet and Boxberry social pages.
Boxberry parcel service is all about cooperation with logistics, data analyze and strict control of partnership terms for better result.
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