Shipping to Russia, is it difficult?


If you decide to grow your pool of customers into a bigger business, you will need strong support or maybe just a helping hand of how to reach loyal audience.

Regional shipping partner is a real chance to enter the new market with minimum risk. Apart from the best offer you have to make to new customers, all about delivering it straight to their door is area of expertise for a professional carrier.

Open up for shoppers in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine with Boxberry!

As one of the biggest delivery services in Russian Federation, we offer more than 3000 pickup points for your customers to come and receive their parcel with ease and comfort.

Make sure shipping to Russia is not a challenge for you.

What does Boxberry customer service include?

·         Scheduled delivery with a courier;

·         Queue-free pickup in a parcel office around the corner;

·         Attractive shipping costs;

·         Optimal delivery time;

·         Tracking of the shipment;

·         Personal account with all shopping history.

How does your online store benefit from our cooperation in shopping to Russia?

·         Much more loyal customers from 3 countries ;

·         Greater exposure in Russian Internet space;

·         Low shipping rates;

·         High speed;

·         Easy integration with Boxberry system;

·         Own account for storing and tracking all the shipments;

·          Marketing support.

Looking to more details and advice? Personal manager is here to meet the needs of a new partner.

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