Do you need shipping to Russia?


Russian active online population grows their potential in shopping overseas. The share of crossborder purchases increases every year. The volume of shipments carried by Boxberry from 2014 has become 3 times bigger by the end 2016. 

That looks compelling for online retailers to extend business in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Development of own logistics for a seller can be really challenging and resource-consuming. The online store owner has to think of customers’ satisfaction first. That means being able to delegate responsibilities to professional party. That is how the appropriate result is achieved.   

One of challenges for international business is delivering goods to their buyer to any corner of the world. Fast and reliably. These are synonyms for Boxberry Parcel Service.

Shipping to Russian Federation is ensured by the largest provider with 1200+ parcel offices around the country and courier delivery to the door. Rates are made of area and shipment weight combination.

Your personal manager from Boxberry will provide individual pricelist with all details. There is no need to calculate on your own as your online business has its features and volume.

Apart from that, your business will have the personal account to keep there all order history and to track shipments’ journey. Convenient and specialized.

Need shipping to Russian Federation? Looking to wider reach to customers?

Start with the very little thing. Push the button below. 

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