How to sell from UK to Russian Federation?


Got the business in UK? Lucky you! Below is the information for your success.

Provide transparent and fast process of shipping of purchases to the customer’s place and win more loyalty. No matter how big or small is your online store, that is the business which needs attention of clients and promotion by the owner. Along with the eye-catching assortment, secure payment and instinctive website navigation, offer smart shipping of the products.

Easier said than done? Probably so. The world is big and challenging.  As an online store owner, you should try hard to stay competitive. Use the international experience there, even if it is not yours.

If you make a successful local business, it is time to grow it into something more relevant and global! Customers are waiting for new offers from British retailers as they all tend to new. The bigger the country, the greater chance to succeed. Welcome to Russia, the biggest country in the world!

Don’t worry, you are not going to be alone in this aspiration. Hire a professional logistic partner to find your path in in lucrative market.

From UK to Russian Federation shipping is provided by Boxberry. This is the solution for you.

10 reasons to choose Boxberry for your ambitious plans

·         Pickup point network Top 3 member (3000+ in 3 countries);

·         330+ cities;

·         Delivery to the door;

·         1500 online partners;

·         Full tracking;

·         Personal accounts for the store and its customers;

·         Simple system integration;

·         Customs clearing;

·         Own warehouse in Amsterdam;

·         Promotion in front of Boxberry audience.


The list of advantages for uk-russian federation shipping is not limited by that. Boxberry client gets always more than expects.

Contact your manager to find more answers.

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