Russia courier shipping tips


Courier shipping is considered to be especially convenient and trouble- free. What is valued by most of customers this is the opportunity:

·         To be served individually at home;

·         To feel safe;

·         To avoid wasting time in queues and commuting in a big city;

·         To pay cash on delivery.

Boxberry Parcel Service offers delivery by a courier in 370+ Russian cities. When making a purchase the alternative is available for a customer, whether to have the parcel shipped to the parcel office or straight to the address needed. More than 1500 online stores have already entrusted their shipments to Russian couriers of Boxberry.

What else should a customer be aware of when choosing courier shipping?

o   Higher rate than one for a pickup;

o   A time window of 2 hours to wait for a courier to come;

o   Planning of the day depends on parcel delivery time;

o   Should they have any questions about the parcel, a courier usually forwards requests to the office and isn’t able to solve it onsite.   

For those shoppers who prefer:

  • to manage their time;
  • to pick up the parcel at the nearest place to the current location;
  • to save money;

Boxberry Parcel Service offers a wide network of 3000 pickup points in 3 countries of Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Ukraine as well as a big team of couriers to meet any requirements of your customers. Give the customers of your online store the chance to choose and enjoy the seamless shipping.

For more details about rates and delivery terms feel free to contact your personal manager.

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