Shipping ebay items to Russia


Do you sell on ebay? Do you want more customers from all around the world? Make your business international with Boxberry!

How can Boxberry delivery service help you?

·         We open to you Russia, the biggest country in the world;

·         We deliver goods from your store to the customers who are 200 million;

·         We provide seamless logistics that is tracked and transparent for you;

·         We offer low-cost delivery with convenient pickup service;

·         We clear goods and insure them;

Ebay trade platform is really popular among Russian people. The only thing they need to start shopping in your store is shipping option. Offer them shipping to Russia and benefit!

What are the tools we use for your global growth?

·         3000 parcel offices in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine;

·         Courier delivery in 370+ cities;

·         6-7 days transit time from USA to Russia;

·         14 days storage before pickup;

Increase your ebay ranking with Boxberry. Stand out with full service for your customers.

How do we support new partners?

·         We provide easy integration via API and XML;

·         We give access to personal account for information storage;

·         We supply personal manager constant help;

·         We notify about shipments journey.

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