Here is your shipping agent in Russia


Boxberry Parcel Service among all shipping agents in Russia is a leader in number of parcel offices with 25-year-experience in logistics. Here in Boxberry we are pretty sure we have to inspire the customers of online stores for more efficient shopping. That is where our tasks coincide with your business.

Along with that, we lead the path to Russian way of thinking. That means to understand how your customers behave and what choose for comfort and convenience.

What should you know for happier relations with your biggest team of recipients?

There is an online store and an online store anyway. They are different in many things and they have to differ to attract the target audience, actually. So what is important for an online shopper when choosing a store for shopping.

•      The price of products;

•      The price of products with delivery cost;

•      Clear description of products;  

•      Reviews of customers on the site;

•      Comprehensive data about delivery methods;

•      Variety of payment methods;

•      Convenient catalog of products;

•      Size and quality of product photos;

•      Opportunity of search and filter;

•      Quality design.  

If all that works, it is time to go further for greater exposure and being more careful to the market needs. One of them is flexibility of receiving process. Courier delivery is fine. But what else is there? Boxberry as a leading shipping agent has a full range of services to offer both online businesses and their customers.

·        Parcel office network (3000+);

·        Courier delivery (AM/PM, weekend, 2hr window);

·        Request on alternative address or alternative pick up point (parcel office);

·        "Sign for" service;

·        Return of goods;

·        14-day-free storage of the parcel (prolongation possible)

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