Are you looking to US to Russia shipping?


Are you wondering how to embrace the world? Not only in your dreams but with your business? No matter how big it is, it reaches the audience through the everpresent web. Your online sales from US can be global. That depends on the selection you offer: goods for everyday use or limited selection of original things for special needs.  You have to tell about it and make it visible for targeted customer groups.

You certainly have marketing specialists and they do their job very well, however, information distribution is not enough. You also need service provider to ship your goods to everybody who want them.

Make sales and leave the rest of service to professionals!

Enter the ecommerce market of the biggest country in the world easily and confidently. Shipping to Russia is responsibility of Boxberry Parcel service.

We deliver goods from online stores around the globe to Russia and other countries of Eastern Europe as Kazakhstan and Ukraine. We open to your business access to 200 million potential buyers. They go online more and more, they look for new foreign items to purchase. Russians are becoming international and attractive consumers of your business.

What does shipping to Russia by Boxberry mean for you?

·         Millions of online active customers;

·         100% coverage via 3000+ parcel offices in 3 countries;

·         Courier delivery to the recipient’s door;

·         Customs clearing;

·         Drop-off in Boxberry own warehouses in US;

·         Seamless logistics from US to Russia.

Technical part is provided by Boxberry too.

Easy integration via API and own modules allows fast data exchange. The information is stored and available in personal account of the retailer. Here it is possible to track all shipments and see the history of every customer.

Boxberry also supply shipping labels as well as can work with retailers’ labels. Every little detail and individual requests can be discussed with the personal manager.

Make the first step to it and complete the form below. 

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