Shipping USA – Russia is easier than ever


Selling online makes the world smaller and people closer. That’s true for all kinds of goods you sell.  You will certainly find your customers over the whole globe. That works if only you open your ecommerce business for them. 

Located in the USA? Make your goods visible for Russians!

What does it intend to say?

To cover the world connections have to be made. To reach multimillion audience of Russian online customers the essential thing you need is professional logistics. By air and by land the orders travel to buyers in the biggest country in the world.

What else you need to know about Russia?

·         Online shopping volume grows 30% every year;

·         Crossborder parcels delivered by Boxberry to Russia amount hundreds thousands monthly;

·         Clothes and electronics are the most popular merchandise groups for buying online;

·         Selection of American online stores is in a great demand because of exclusiveness and pricing.

What is Boxberry?

Founded in 2010, Boxberry Parcel Service delivers orders from American and European online stores to recipients in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Undisputable advantage of the carrier is extended network of parcel offices around 3 countries. With 1400+ offices only in Russia, Boxberry develops a full cycle of services for both stores and recipients.  

   American online stores benefit from:

  • Warehouses for receiving parcels in NY, LA, MIA and Delaware;
  • Competitive delivery rates;
  • Shipping time to Moscow is 7 days;
  • Customs clearing included;
  • Easy integration and data exchange.

Feel free to contact the manager to get more information about shipping from USA to Russia. Click here or the button below. 

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