Shipping from USA to Russia is fast and trouble-free for any online business


If your business needs expansion and visibility outside the country of its birth, you need friends to help you make this process fast and easy.

So welcome to Boxberry!

Shipping to Russia is all about distances and terms. Stated differently, logistics. 

Delivering to the most remote places of the biggest country in the world is responsibility of Boxberry.

Boxberry is one of the largest shipping providers from USA and Europe to Russia. Kazakhstan and Ukraine are also the countries of Boxberry coverage. The greatest parcel offices network is what the provider is proud of. The wide reach of customers in every region enables online shopping activeness there. That stands for millions customers for online stores.

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How to ship parcels you have prepared to Boxberry?

We have own warehouses in the USA. In Delaware State every little parcel can be dropped off as we offer consolidation service. If big volumes are your dream for now, that’s a chance to start dreaming big.

After we receive your shipments at the warehouse, we carry them to Russia and organize clearing at Russian customs. We know and respect all the state laws so you shouldn’t worry about that. 25 years in logistics encourage the fastest process of last mile delivery.

How to start working with Boxberry?

·         Fill in New Client’s form and sign an agreement;

·         Decide on labelling: whether you use your labels or Boxberry’s;

·         Choose data exchange method: API or XML;

·         Prepare shipments;

·         Email the prealert with cargo detailed information;

·         Drop off parcels to any of Boxberry warehouse;

·         Track shipments and save all data in your personal account.

That is shortly about how easy to work with Russia via Boxberry.

Contact the manager throgh the form below to find out more about integration process, terms of shipping to Russia and all your benefits from cooperation.

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