Shipping parcels from online stores in UK to Russian customers


Boxberry Parcel Service have launched service of sorting and consolidation at own warehouse in Wisbech, UK. That helps move parcels forward to your customers in shorter terms and smaller volumes.

Boxberry tailors its service to meet any client’s needs. The partner warehouse near your location is a convenient option for business. You are able to drop off any volume of parcels; they will be sent twice a week and delivered within 7 days as customs clearing procedure is optimized.  Boxberry specialists do their best to process import shipments in faster way, to clear them and deliver to Moscow sorting center.     

Discuss with your personal manager what options are the most important for your business.

·         Opportunity to offer customers alternative delivery methods: pickup or courier;

·         Ability of carrier to reach recipients in the farthest corner of the country;

·         Delivery terms: shipping parcels to Russia has to take no longer than 7 days;

·         The best possible pricing for shipping allows sellers to offer customers free delivery option;

·         Trouble-free opportunity to build existing business into a foreign carrier logistic scheme.

These options are all considered by Boxberry. Apart from services mentioned, the international shipping crucial thing is provided. This is customs clearing. When importing parcels to a different country, the online store owner should take into account requirements connected to shipments processing there.

Boxberry takes responsibility for clearing parcels they deliver from UK. Before starting cooperation with a new online business, all laws and regulations of Russia are discussed and necessary measures, as eg. passport data collection, are assumed.

Boxberry offers 3 ways to collect recipients’ passport information:

1.       Insert an additional step for ID collection to checkout process on the store’s website;

2.       Make a link to Boxberry special page for data collection;

3.       Include the request for data into email with a link to personal account of the recipient on Boxberry website. All personal information is safely stored in the account and is used for every following shipment.      

Fill in the contact form below for more detailed description of Boxberry services and advantages.

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