Shipping iPhone to Russian Federation

Boxberry shipping provider aims to supply the best ever service for both online stores and their recipients. As a result any relevant shipping information is shared for being in touch with customers.  
 At the moment, there is a restriction on the release from the customs of goods containing encryption tools, in particular mobile phones, computers, etc.
During customs clearance procedure for shipping, for instance, iPhone to Russian Federation, the device model and all technical characteristics are compared with information from the manufacturer saved in a common database on the portal of the Unified Register of Notifications about the characteristics of encryption (cryptographic) engines and the goods containing them.
If there is no such information, the parcel cannot be issued and sent to the recipient of the order. Within the framework of the agreement with online store, Boxberry will be obliged to reexport the parcel with the allocation of all expenses on the online store.
In this regard, Boxberry draw attention of the customer to the fact that when ordering IPhone and shipping it to Russian Federation, it is necessary to specify availability of a notification from the seller.
Notification is an electronic document specifying the model and all technical characteristics of the goods. This measure will ensure the release of your parcel from the customs.
As Boxberry provides customs clearing it is really necessary to meet all customers’ expectations about their orders processing. That includes also shipping speed and rate as well as comfort of pickup near home or office. every option offered by Boxberry is another advantage of the retailer. 

Customers are free to choose any parcel office in their place all among 1490 around Russia.
Services also available in every pickup point are:
• Storage for 14 days;
• Check for completion;
• Payment after disclosure;
• Receiving of returns;
• Acquiring.

Your personal manager is here to provide more information about how to make your customers happy with direct shipping of their orders.

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