#1 in the list of shipping companies in Russia

Calculate shipping to Russia and we deliver it fast!
A large country offers a long list of partners for online stores that work internationally.
Russia provides more than 200 million digitally active customers as well as regional carriers to ship any parcel volume to them.
How to choose from a long list of shipping companies in Russia?

These are crucial requirements for a reliable carrier according to Data Insight Russian analytical agency:

• Own infrastructure (fulfillment, sorting, courier delivery, own pickup points);
• One day delivery within Moscow;
• Delivery to remote regions;
• Number of logistic partners;
• Integration (API, modules and others);
• Cooperation terms;
• Additional services (return, insurance, payments speed, informing of customers).

As own pickup points network is a relevant advantage for both online retailers and their customers, Boxberry Parcel Service provides the largest chain in Russia which amounts now 1500 parcel offices, more than 1000 offer return shipping out of Russia. This number grows every week.
The same analytical agency has investigated the list of largest logistic companies in Russia in March 2017 and ranked Boxberry Parcel Service #1 in number of pickup points among other specialized peers. Evroset and Svyaznoy mentioned below are not logistic companies.

Apart from that, for American and European stores warehouses for parcel drop-off are located in those areas.
Great news is that warehouses in Delaware, USA and Wisbech, UK can receive any parcel volume as the services of sorting and consolidation are provided. All shipments are prepared for shipping to Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, customs clearing process is ensured and parcels are delivered to Moscow pickup point for 5-7 days. Some remote places are reached out for 10-15 days approximately.
Do you want to increase your exposure with 1500 parcel offices and reach as many customers in Russia as possible? Are you looking for a shipping company from the country leader list to ensure the best ever quality of delivery service?

Contact the Boxberry manager to learn how to start cooperation.

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