Turnkey shipping from UK to Russia and back


Boxberry Parcel Service can be legitimately proud of the service of shipping to Russian Federation offered to online stores and their customers.

The long list starts with easy and fast integration with the store’s order information system. It depends on the business size: it can be API modules or the easiest XML format for data exchange.

 Drop-off locations rank #2 in the wish list. So Boxberry provides the solutions for the essential international ecommerce needs. There offered warehouses in the UK, the USA and Russia.

To be more accurate, online stores can drop off their shipments in Wisbech, Cambridge area in UK. Situated just outside London, the location receives any parcel volumes, there is no minimum weight. That fits the business best no matter how big it is. This is a sorting hub where every little parcel is consolidated with others and regularly sent to recipients in Russia.

  • Here is also the challenge of crossing the border of a different country that matters. Customs clearing procedure is vital at this point and Boxberry is responsible for that.

The carrier manages the process the way it is fast and facilitated now. 1-day procedure requires passport details of individuals that will receive these parcels. So the collection service is controlled by Boxberry. Once the recipient uploads their ID data in the personal account on the Boxberry website, the info is used for every coming shipment.

This works the same for returns from Russia.

Boxberry Parcel Service are the first among Russian carriers to provide return logistics from Russia to London. This solution has been developed for ASOS British fashion retailer and now can be applied for other businesses that want loyalty of buyers and sales increase.

The service of returns logistics is provided for FREE in 1100+ Boxberry Parcel Service. Just after a customer fills in the form for a return on the store’s website, they are allowed to choose a parcel office and to bring items for return.

Should you want to go deeper into details of return offer or other Boxberry advantages, contact your manager here. You can also use the form below.

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