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Boost your sales on Russian eСommerce Market

It takes certain time and effort to enter a foreign market. At the same time, you definitely want to make sure that your product has potential on the market.

Start wisely.

Leading Russian marketplace: OZON.RU

Ozon.ru is one of the most popular multi-category marketplace in Russia (similar to amazon.com in the USA). OZON.RU in figures:

  • Founded in year 1998.
  • 1 billion euro sales in 2019, growth 93% vs 2018.
  • Over 50 million monthly active users.

Payments from consumers collected by Ozon, funds tranferred to merchants in euros, in US dollars or in rubles. Cross-border delivery, including customs clearance and personal data operation is covered by Boxberry International.

What we do:

Boxberry International in co-operation with Flying Lynx


  • Localize product and brand materials to Russian market, including search engine optimizing
  • Open company seller account on the ozon.ru website or  join Ozon Scandinavian Store operated by Flying Lynx
  • Create product cards and seller’s page
  • Provide you with inside and outside marketplace marketing activities to boost sales
  • Deliver the parcels from your country via fulfillment terminal in Finland to Russia OR send the parcels to Boxberry warehouse in your country
  • We take care of customs clearance
  • Здесь We deliver the parcels to your consumers
  • We can also arrange international returns

Basically, we do all the preparations needed for you to start receiving orders from Russia.

Right now, you are on the same website with your potential customers.

Contact us to reach them:

Join Boxberry
  • Registration
  • Send the request
  • Our leading account manager will contact you
  • We will provide you with rates and special offers for new Partners
  • Sign the contract and start shipping!

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