Free return of purchases to ASOS online store is now available in Russia through Boxberry parcel offices


ASOS is a big fashion retailer from England.

Russians are empowered to return goods purchased in ASOS online store free of charge. The service of international returns is provided by Boxberry delivery service. Customers can bring goods for return to any of 1000+ Boxberry parcel offices in 324 cities of Russia.

The new service operates quickly. So the shipment from Moscow or St. Petersburg will reach England within 8 days, from Ekaterinburg - 12 days, from Novosibirsk - 14 days, from Vladivostok - 16 days.

"The return period is one of the crucial factors for the buyer because money from the online store is received back only after the goods reach the seller. Fast delivery is able to reduce the entire period of the return processing.

The shipment is easy to control: returns, like ordinary orders, are tracked. In addition, when sending a parcel, customers do not have to wait in queues so the procedure will take little time”, explains Marat Artuganov, CEO Boxberry International.

For more details contact your personal manager.

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