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International delivery

Hello! Since you've ended up on this page, you're likely interested in international delivery between Russia and anywhere else in the world.

Boxberry is very well known in Russia for its huge PUP network, which covers most cities. We have 25 years of experience with last mile in Russia, and in 2014, we've decided to go worldwide.

We ship from the United States (iHerb, Revolve etc.), Great Britain, Europe, South Korea and the Middle East.

Our brand has grown, and to position both local and international lines of business correctly, we decided to create a new name. Find all the latest information on international delivery on BXB by Boxberry website:

Visit bxb.delivery website

Why Boxberry?

  • We have tailor- made solutions for B2C. Easy integration, personal manager and the tariffs, that make your goods competitive on the market.
  • We offer C2C services: export from Russia to any country of the world, and import to Russia from the USA.
  • We take care of customs clearance and personal data of the customers, which is necessary for cross- border shimpents according to the Law.
  • PUPs in almost 400 cities of Russia grant access to ca.90 000 000 active internet users all over the country. We also offer courier delivery and parcel lockers.
  • And we always have a promo offer for new clients. Don't forget to ask the manager about your free promo pack!

Time to decide!

To find out more about B2C delivery for foreign online stores, click the button below and visit BXB website.

Smooth international returns

If you want to enable the international returns option for your Russian customers, click the button below to contact us.

Start shipping to Russia
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  • We will provide you with rates and special offers for new Partners
  • Sign the contract and start shipping!

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