Russians tend to discounts

Recently, Russians are increasingly saving on shopping, hunting for discounts and promo campaigns, according to the results of research conducted by Romir¹ holding company.
Data published on, Russian ecommerce hub.
During the year, the proportion of Russians who prefer to buy promotional products rose to 36% compared to 26% last year. At the same time, the number of citizens who are forced to strictly monitor their budget has not changed much.

The huge change is happening in eCommerce of 2017, said Dmitry Ivanov, representative of e96² .
"Consumer behavior has been greatly transformed: for several years there has been no growth in salaries in the country, people have run short of financial cushions. Therefore, consumption becomes more rational and scheduled. People pay attention to discounts and sale as never before, especially in regions. Discounts and sale campaigns are now the most important drivers of growth. And future of retailers depends on the way they have learnt to work effectively with them. Literally, you either stay in the market or leave because you have not adapted to the new conditions", - the expert says.

"The buyer today comes to the store exceptionally for a discount, any other way to attract attention leaves a negative feeling in the current situation," adds Enter.ru³ CEO Mikhail Rubin.
Almost a third of Russians (31%) admit to buying cheaper brands of goods. It is interesting that this figure has not changed for the year. Slightly fewer Russians visit shops with special offers and discounts. 28% are guided by the shopping list.
During the year the proportion of Russians who go shopping less in order to keep the family budget under control has declined (from 22% to 17%). But thus every fifth buys the goods for future use.
According to a joint research by GFK⁴ and Yandex.Market⁵, 55% of respondents made the last purchase with a discount (54% in 2015) and 58% bought the last discount campaign item.

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¹ Romir is a Russian research holding company
² e96 is one of the biggest in Russia electronics and house appliances online store
³ is a Russian electronics online store
⁴ GfK – market and consumer research leader
⁵Yandex.Market - Russian service of search and buying goods.

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