Boxberry International Parcel Service Pays For Brand Ambassadorship


Companies and individuals that cooperate successfully with Boxberry delivery service have a chance to be rewarded for being Boxberry brand advocates. Inviting American and European partners to work with Boxberry can bring cash reward!

What are communication partners supposed to do?

·         Share the information about Boxberry with American and European online store owners, partners or any other international  ecommerce players;

·         Help Boxberry contact those who are interested;

·         Get up to 10% of the deal amount during 6 following months!

Boxberry is looking for more international online stores to sell to Russia and for those who have a lot of connections in ecommerce world. The time is announced to meet and join to help as many online businesses as possible grow.

Online store needs - oriented, Boxberry also focuses on Russian audience requirements and interests.

So with network-centric business model, Boxberry covers 100% of Russia with parcel office chain as it is the most popular shipment receiving method (according to own analytic data).  Boxberry also provides shipping to Kazakhstan and Ukraine (overall, more than 3000 offices in 3 countries). The carrier can boast of advantageous shipping rates. As an example, $9.5 per kilo delivery rate from USA to Moscow and $8.5 per kilo from UK. The shipments processing is made easier with own warehouses in the USA and UK as well as Russian customs clearing procedure taken on. With all this potential in mind, the future cooperation can become fruitful for all counterparts.

Along with millions of active customers brought by the carrier, Boxberry guarantees reward to partners who help delivery service and e-retailer connect and come to the profitable deal. The ecommerce world is growing rapidly; players appear every day and decisions to expand existing business are made regularly. This awareness has resulted in this offer.

How does it work?

Help provided is regulated and assessed by the agency agreement between Boxberry and a communication partner.  As soon as a contract is made with the company recommended, they can monitor sales volumes, value of the check and calculate the bonus amount with the help of the manager.

For other details and a happy start contact the manager by +7 (499) 391 73 88 (ext. 3285). Or fill in the form below. 

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