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Откройте логистический офис Boxberry, чистый доход от 380 000 руб.
Франшиза Boxberry - доход от 380 000р.

International guarantees and insurance

Forget the risks, we will take care of them

Boxberry delivery service insures the transported goods, so you are eligible for the full reimbursement of the delivery costs in case your cargo is lost or damaged. You may calculate the insurance costs with the help of our manager.

Rely on the conventions

Ground transportation. When transporting by ground, Boxberry complies with the clauses of the Convention on the Contract for the International carriage of Goods by Road (Geneva, 1956). This rule applies when the goods are being imported to or exported from the country that is a member of said Convention.

Air transportation. When transporting by air, Boxberry is compliant with the regulations imposed by the Warsaw Convention. In case either of these documents have no binding force, Boxberry’s responsibility for breach of agreement, action/inaction, negligence or intent for loss, damage, delivery to the wrong address, nondelivery of a parcel or any part of it is limited to the declared value at the moment of transportation.

Remember the restrictions

Boxberry bears no responsibility for your package and it’s safety in case it doesn’t correspond to the chosen method of delivery or due to misleading instructions. Boxberry is not responsible for the client’s or third party’s omissions and the expenses that follow as a direct or indirect consequence to the event.

Boxberry bears no responsibility for the delay, loss, or damage caused by customs. However, we do our best to facilitate the customs clearance procedures. We take pride in our reputation and protect our partners from any risk.