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Откройте логистический офис Boxberry, чистый доход от 380 000 руб.
Франшиза Boxberry - доход от 380 000р.

Company History

Boxberry delivery service for the online stores and individuals was founded in 2010 as a department of group of companies “Ural-Press”.


One of the leaders in the Russian market with over 100 offices and agencies in over 500 cities, subscription agency “Ural-Press” started in 1992. Today the group of companies has more than 25-year experience in logistics and successfully operates a number of business lines. They all are connected with delivery of various goods to Russia from manufacturers or wholesalers to the recipient: in particular, delivering subscription publications to multiple organizations. Well-developed logistic system with the own warehouse facilities in Moscow ensure reliable delivery and gain loyalty of our clients.

Boxberry development

Delivery of orders from the online stores has become the first line of business for Boxberry and within the first year has attracted quite a big number of clients due to the wide area of coverage as well as reasonable rates. Soon afterwards, the second line of business – international delivery - was launched. For this reason we opened a Boxberry office in Berlin. Apart from transportation, our clients are offered customs clearance services. Initially, Boxberry fulfilled delivery only to the parcel offices of Russia, but since 2013 the company has started courier service which is available in 375 cities. Each year Boxberry is considerably increasing. We are enhancing our presence and providing more and more services to our clients.