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Откройте логистический офис Boxberry, чистый доход от 380 000 руб.
Франшиза Boxberry - доход от 380 000р.

Values, goals, principles

We strive to ensure the opportunity of Russian customers to receive parcels from online stores quickly, comfortably and inexpensively. We work to reduce, as far as possible, the distance between online stores and their customers in other countries, reducing the delivery time of parcels, simplifying the process of dispatch and receiving.

Our essential values

Partnership. Boxberry is the tight-knit team of professionals united by the common idea. We stand for honest and open relations with partners and clients. We appreciate the feedback and gratefully accept useful criticism. We are constantly changing to become better. We develop our ideas, knowledge and experience to be truly helpful to those who choose Boxberry.

Reliability. We provide the sustainable quality of service and fulfill our promises. We have set high standards for the quality of work and maintain them at all stages, because the result depends on each member of the team. The Boxberry team feels responsible for their commitments and tries to comply with them in the best possible way.

Initiative. We always see new opportunities in changing circumstances for the development and growth of both Boxberry and our partners. We are open to suggestions and ideas that will help the company move forward. We are pleased to implement new methods and technologies into our work, to support initiatives and to find new solutions in non-standard situations.

Efficiency. It is important for us to see the result of our work. We set ambitious goals, optimize processes, overcome difficulties persistently, we create new effective tools. It all works for the results that exceed expectations of customers and partners.

Our conception

The goal of Boxberry business is to create the optimal delivery offer in terms of price and quality for the maximum number of parcel recipients in Russia, to provide an affordable and high-quality delivery service for online stores and individuals. The steadily growing number of our clients proves that we are on the right track.