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Start shipping to Russia

It is easy to start shipping to Russia with Boxberry

As soon as you make a decision to ship parcels to Russian Federation, there are just a few steps left:

1. Fill in a New Client's Form Contact a Boxberry manager to email you a form to fill in and prepare a contract for your online store. You can also download the form here. After signing a contract, Boxberry specialists will create your online store’s personal account where all the information about your parcels will be transferred to for further process such as export and import customs clearance. You will receive your API token to get access to all shipping data

2. Provide labels It will determine data exchange method between your store and Boxberry system. If you have got your own labels with bar codes, send us a sample to check the opportunity of scanning. If not, Boxberry provides own labels that can be easily downloaded from your store's personal account.

3. Choose data exchange method •

  • Email shipment data via Excel file. That is the easiest way of data exchange, especially if your shipping volume is not very big yet.
  • Integrate with Boxberry API services in order to transfer all shipment data directly to Boxberry data base and store it safely.

4. Prepare your shipments for delivery Ensure all parcels are labelled and properly packed in boxes. Large amount of parcels should be carried on a pallet. Accepting the express-cargo we verify the weight and the amount. Max size of one box is 120х80х50cm and max weight is 15kg. The parcel should not contain items and substances prohibited from shipment as express-cargo.

5. Email Boxberry a pre-alert form The form should contain the following information: 

  • Total weight
  • Total dimensions
  • Total # of boxes
  • Total # of boxes with Lithium Ion batteries if any
  • Nature of goods
  • First carrier Bill of Lading

And one day prior drop-off sent to adresses:

ukinfodata@boxberry.ru for drop-off in UK

usainfodata@boxberry.ru for drop-off in USA (DE)

6. Drop off shipments at Boxberry warehouse. Boxberry Parcel Servce will deliver parcels by any method the recipient chooses: to any convenient pickup point or to the door.

Contact your personal manager with the button below for further details.