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Откройте логистический офис Boxberry, чистый доход от 380 000 руб.
Франшиза Boxberry - доход от 380 000р.

What we provide

Delivery to Russia from any country of the world

Further development of international delivery services is one of the top priorities for Boxberry. Currently our company provides delivery services to Russia from foreign electronic trading platforms of various formats. Thorough logistic system and developed regional network allow us to deliver goods quickly from any country in the world even to the most remote places of the Russian Federation. Today Boxberry offices are open in about 380 cities of Russia. The cost of delivery to the required Boxberry parcel office can be specified by your personal manager.

Characteristics of the goods

Boxberry delivers to Russia goods which are referred to the category of “express-cargo” by the Customs Code of the Customs Union with certain limitations: the cost of express-cargo should not exceed 500 Euro and 31 kg per month. This is the main requirement exempting from customs duties and VAT upon parcel shipment. Boxberry delivery service for the online stores warns that there is a range of goods prohibited from being shipped as express cargo or goods which may not be shipped without a special permission.

Customs clearing

At the customer’s choice Boxberry may assume customs clearing of the goods. In this case when filling in the accompanying forms the sender should include the email of the trading floor where the purchase was made, as well as the number of the sent item on this resource. This is needed to confirm the customs value of the transported goods.

Management and control

Owing to modern technologies used by Boxberry you can easily control the flow of your shipment. Tuned data exchange service allows you to follow the status of the parcel at any stage of shipment. It is easy to modify the function set of the chosen options in the “Personal account” on Boxberry site. Besides, your personal manager will consult you and resolve all the issues quickly.


We care about each parcel we deliver. Nevertheless, it is impossible to foresee everything. Therefore Boxberry insures the goods against different risks, which allows us to guaranty compensation of the full value in case of loss or damage.

Additional services

Boxberry offers a wide range of additional service options for Russian and foreign long-distance trade companies. Apart from international delivery services we provide notification to the recipient about the arrival through SMS, e-mail or telephone call; allow return of goods. Furthermore, the procedure of receiving the goods in the Boxberry regional parcel offices is quick and easy, so your customers do not have to wait in queues and fill in extra forms. This definitely increases your customers’ loyalty. In our work we try to foresee all the needs of the senders and recipients. But life keeps setting new tasks and we have to find new solutions. Boxberry delivery service for online stores is dynamic: we are changing in order to make work with us easier for you.